Mergers and Acquisitions

Working with clients in the UK and further afield, we leverage our global network of trusted law firms to ensure access to an unmatched knowledge base. When it comes to large transactions, we possess a wealth of experience, and we are also adept at advising on transactions which are complex or involve several regulatory frameworks.

There are many cases when we use our contacts across other sectors, employing a collaborative strategy which lets us advise on all manner of transactions, some of them which are intricate or complex. Whichever transactions we advise on, our clients’ business objectives are always prioritised.

We consider and act upon all the aspects which can affect M&A transactions – including tax, intellectual, employment, competition, regulation and property.

Mergers and acquisitions: Key facts

Mergers and acquisitions, commonly shortened to (M&A), bring together several companies into one entity or group of organisations. M&A is a term broadly used to describe transactions in which the ownership of one or more companies is changed.

A merger involves the legal consolidation of two or more different businesses, in order to form a completely new organisation, including an ownership structure and management team. After a merger has been completed, the two businesses will cease to be operational. It should be noted that there are many different categories of mergers. In general, they are less common than acquisitions.

An acquisition refers to the purchase of one company by another company. In some cases, the company may become a subsidiary of the company which has acquired it, with all assets and the business itself being transferred. In these cases, the target company is typically ‘wound up’, ceasing to operate.

At Berkeley Rowe, our broad experience across M&A transactions means that we are able to act on behalf of sellers, buyers and advisers involved in M&A.

Working to a satisfactory conclusion

We are well aware of the difficulties which can be experienced in the process of acquiring or disposing of a business. You can count on our solicitors to be empathetic of the related time and budgetary constraints, working towards completing a transaction as efficiently as possible. Our ‘can do’ attitude is valued by our clients – we are committed to navigating you successfully through the M&A process to a satisfactory outcome.

Whether you want to expand with an acquisition or merger, or want to sell your business – the specialist team of solicitors we provide can offer invaluable advice on the purchase or sale. We handle the negotiation process, production of the necessary documentation, and can assist in ensuring due diligence right through the M&A procedure. Our experience ranges from small business purchases to multi-million-pound corporate sales. It could be an asset acquisition or a company share acquisition; sellers, buyers and funders benefit from our specialist legal support.

When it comes to an M&A transaction, ensure that you are in the best position for success. The M&A team at Berkeley Rowe are your specialists for legal support and negotiations advice.