International Trade

The experience of our international trade lawyers is spread across both the private and public sectors, where we have built a demonstrable track record of assisting clients in successfully achieving their business objectives. Thanks to the expertise of several legal disciplines across our business, we are able to help clients to capitalise on the opportunities which present themselves within their industry.

Navigating you through the legal framework of international trade

In the run-up to, and after Brexit, it has never been more important for UK businesses to understand the latest regulations and tariffs, in order to trade in accordance with international law. We help exporters and importers to adhere to trade laws when restrictions could pose an obstacle to operating, ensuring that they are alert to the most recent changes and updates. Whichever direction future trade agreements concerning the UK take, you can rely on Berkeley Rowe to smooth the path for your business.

Opening the doorway to investment

Regardless of the UK’s future position within the European free market, the country remains a target for international investors. At Berkeley Rowe, we advise on expansions into the UK by means such as joint ventures, acquisitions and the incorporation of new entities. We are able to fast track the UK set up process, providing the legal support which can form the basis of a UK market entry strategy.

By navigating clients through the intricacies of international trade law, we are able to provide valuable legal support in areas such as product labelling, cross border regulations, or business relocations. Whatever the future challenges facing importers and exporters into the UK, our international trade lawyer team are best placed to help our clients minimise disruption and identify new business opportunities

The best lobbying and communications support for international trade

In many spheres of international trade within the private and public sectors, having the right support for lobbying and communications can make all the difference when it comes to negotiating the different frameworks in each sectors. Our team of international trade lawyers is able to offer legal advice which can help organisations enhance the way in which they are perceived, by political bodies, regulators, and consumer audiences.

Our lobbying capabilities can assist importers and exporters in communication with key influencers in a range of international markets. When you want your opinion to be heard in the right places, informing critical decision making and policy creation processes, our international trade lawyers are able to provide a cutting edge in communications campaigns.

Working to inform your investment strategies

Our team of international trade lawyers regularly provides a consultancy to companies on issues related to investment structuring. We ensure that contracts take advantage of the strongest protections available under international law and that each investment maximises the potential benefits from trade agreements and relevant treaties. From counselling private investors to regulatory bodies and governments, the experience possessed by our international trade lawyers can be invaluable when negotiating the complex legal frameworks pertaining to international trade.