Finance and Banking

Whether you’re a lender, borrower or investor, at Berkeley Rowe we are here to advise you on all aspects of your financial dealings. Our experienced team of banking and finance legal specialists bring not only an exceptional understanding of the financial landscape to the table, but they also offer useful insights, clear guidance and pragmatic advice. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that we only employ solicitors who possess the most specialised knowledge in a variety of areas.

Financial expertise

Whatever your financial needs are, we’re here to help. We have extensive knowledge and experience working both in the UK and abroad and can assist in a variety of financial situations, including:

  • Finance lending

  • Borrowing finance

  • Corporate acquisitions

  • Asset finance

  • Property development

  • Real estate

  • Investing

  • Trade

  • Insurance

When you choose to work with Berkeley Rowe, our specialists become a crucial and trusted part of your team. We are experienced in ensuring your agreement moves forward in a way that efficiently achieves your aims, while also protecting your position. It can be difficult to comprehend financial law as it is rarely communicated in lay terms. Our solicitors will provide advice in a clear, succinct manner and endeavour to answer any queries to ensure that you under all aspects of your business dealings.

Trade finance agreements and securitisation

You may feel out of your depth when dealing with international matters, but this is where we can help. We will ensure that your trade finance arrangements are compliant with all legal regulations, whether you are in the UK or abroad, to enable you to safely and securely produce, export and sell goods. We also have experience in securitisation, so we can help to advise you on the legal implications of grouping together your economic assets in order to make the best return. We have many clients located in Iran, New York, Singapore and Dubai, so are particularly experienced in advising on these areas of law.

Private wealth loans and private equity loans

We have helped to advise many clients seeking legal advice on tax issues too, particularly for high-net-worth individuals who are looking to make the most of their next investment. If you are looking to apply for a private wealth loan, our team of advisors can help advise you on the correct documentation to ensure compliance with all areas of the application process. With the amount and complexity of private equity exchanges across the world increasing, it is imperative that you seek reliable legal knowledge to assist you in this process. We can advise you on whether your shareholder agreement seems fair, or whether your documentation is legally sound, to name just a couple of areas of expertise.

Finance lending and borrowing finance

Another problem area of law that we have identified from our consultations relates to the borrowing and lending of money. Clients often tell us how they are reluctant to deliver or ask for financial assistance due to misconceptions surrounding their eligibility and confusion about the application process. Thankfully, with a comprehensive understanding of financial law, our solicitors can quickly address and eliminate any concerns, or act as a representative on your behalf. We believe that personal involvement is essential for clients to be happy with their transactions, so we involve our clients at every stage of the process.


Whether you are looking to make a short-term investment or one that will provide you with a sense of financial stability for the future, we recognise that you may have a number of questions about the legal implications. This is why our solicitors are here to help you manage the challenges of investing. Our knowledge of financial law will deliver invaluable insight that you would not otherwise be aware of. Allow us to ensure that your financial decisions are legal, safe and secure.

Property finance

If you are expanding your portfolio, our expert solicitors can help advise you on all areas of property finance. Whether a short or long-term investment, it is important to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding with no grey areas. We will help you to ensure that your loan agreements and securitisation from banks, private companies and family offices follow the appropriate procedures, and ensure that any loan, whether it is international or in the UK, meets all legislation.

Here at Berkeley Rowe, we always have the best interests of our clients in mind. Unlike seeking advice from the seller or property agent, who are likely to be biased and influence your decision, our neutral stance considers the legality of your plans. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we have an exhaustive knowledge of the law relating to the successful transactions of commercial and residential property both here in the UK and across international borders.

Our service

Every detail of our business is subjected to our high internal standards, and we are always fine-tuning our practice to ensure it remains at an exceptional standard. This translates to a bespoke personal service that exceeds most traditional City law firms. What’s more, our Mayfair location, along with our agile business approach, means we can offer far better value for money than our competitors. Our constant drive to learn also ensures that we are aware of the legality of any situation and at any time, even when encountering great financial uncertainty.

This Mayfair office principle is also applied to all our international offices. This continuity ensures that you will receive the same, excellent treatment whichever office you visit, so you can seek reliable legal advice wherever your itinerary may take you.