Energy and Infrastructure

What is Litigation and Dispute Resolution?


Experienced energy lawyers on your side.

Our seasoned team of energy lawyers offer assistance in legal, commercial and technical aspects, helping your business by designing and implementing the legal solutions which you need.

In providing legal support to the energy and infrastructure sector for Berkeley Rowe years, we have helped all manner of different businesses – from large multinationals to smaller businesses – in dealing with related legal issues in the industry.

Among the key areas which our energy and infrastructure lawyers handle are:

  • Energy projects

  • Debt recovery

  • Dispute resolution

  • Pipelines

We understand your industry

Due to the understanding of the energy and infrastructure sector which our lawyers possess, we offer you the advantage of a thorough knowledge of regulations, and in many cases the political background, which is involved in this specialism. We are accustomed to working with, and advising, some of the biggest energy organisations in the world, as well as shareholders. When it comes to contracts, acquisitions and disputes, you can rely on Berkeley Rowe to create and implement strategies which are effective in achieving your business objectives.

Energy and infrastructure is a complex sector full of intricacies. Trust Berkeley Rowe to help you navigate the legal landscape.

Keeping abreast of energy and infrastructure

If you are an organisation or individual involved in the energy sector, you don’t only need to understand where it is right now – you need to know where it is going. At Berkeley Rowe, we keep abreast of the ever-evolving energy and infrastructure sector – from landmark projects to regulatory changes which could change the way that you and your business works. This allows us to design legal solutions which are at the cutting edge, and ‘future-proofed’ as much as possible. We are experts in advising on innovative deals and projects, and will also provide legal support and advice right the way through the cycle of a project.

Collaboration is key

Because we have such a broad knowledge base to draw upon, we are able to provide tailored energy and infrastructure law advice which is augmented by expertise in other areas of law – from commercial and corporate to international trade and mergers and acquisitions. This offers our clients a holistic perspective of each energy and infrastructure project, giving you the specialist understanding you need to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Breaking down the barriers

The nature of the global energy industry means that in some cases, disputes between organisations or individuals – as well as restrictions unique to particular regions – can threaten to create an obstacle. Berkeley Rowe is adept in advising clients on how to handle disputes in the energy and infrastructure sector, and our demonstrable track record reflects the success in handling disputes with a wide range of parties – from individuals to companies, regulators and states.

Whether you are looking to protect your investments or receive proper compensation which you are owed for a breach of your rights, Berkeley Rowe are your go-to legal experts for the energy and infrastructure sectors.